Featured Collection for November 2012

I am all about Rustic Chic lately and this collection represents my fondness of found funky pieces with great character. Streamlined industrial pieces add just the right amount of chic-ness when paired with well-loved rustic finds.

I hope you will be inspired to snap up one of these pieces to add to your collection Or just be inspired to add a little Rustic Chic-ness to your abode.

Who doesn’t love a Multi-drawer cabinet?! This piece was made by The Globe Wernicke Company and you can just imagine what important documents were kept in this rock-solid sweet piece. This company is best known for their barrister style ‘Elastic’ bookcases but during WWII they made military equipment. The wooden seat stools were extracted from a barn while filming for Season Three of Cash & Cari.  We kept them in their found rustic condition and added a ReClaimed wood seat.  

A Plethora of Pulleys! 

I love pulleys and I just can’t seem to get enough of them.  I pick them up whenever I have a chance.  The pulley was invented around 287 BC and it is still stylin’ & profilin’ after all these years. They are great on a shelf or wall or used to hang a piece of artwork. A pulley is sure to make a statement wherever you decide to use one…or many.  

Coming Next Month…Vintage Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories.

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