One woman's mission to turn old into SOLD!

Cari Cucksey is an Antiques Matchmaker who gives dusty relics a new lease on life. Energetic, entrepreneurial and fun, she’s the host of the network television hit show Cash & Cari, she runs RePurpose Estate Services, operates the RePurpose Shop, and refurbishes just about anything she can get her hands on. From antique furniture and vintage toys to retro electronics and classic luxury cars, she's always on the lookout for obscure treasures as she combs through basements, attics and garages.  

Cari’s distinct style and design has inspired a number of retail curations that bear her name, and has inspired countless RePurposers around the world.  Cari’s network television hit, Cash & Cari currently airs on HGTV, the W Network, Choice TV and the History Channel in countries around the world.  The show follows Cari and her company, RePurpose Estate Services, as they set up Estate Sales on her client’s property, and unearth a host of historical and valuable items.  Inheriting her mother’s passion for antiques and collectibles, Cari began buying, selling and trading when she was only twelve years old. Today, with over ten years as a professional estate liquidator, she continues her hunt for hidden treasures as she travels far and wide in search of anything she can flip and restore.

The RePurpose Shop is a culmination of Cari's work, and was created to bring these pieces to you...we hope you enjoy. 

“You never know what you’re going to find,” Cari says. “Memorabilia, collectibles, hidden treasure or just junk! But everything was once worth something to somebody, and it can be again.”

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