Happy Summer!

The Summer started off with a bang and I visited the East coast three times in six weeks! Needless to say I am finally catching my breath…again. :) Updates to the website and web store along with more blog posts coming soon! 

May & June were a whirlwind with Brimfield, The Country Living Fair & The Vintage Bazaar.  It is wonderful to have the opportunity to travel but in the midst of it all my husband and I moved so we are happy to be home. 

I want to share some fun details of our road trips out East!

Brimfield Tweetup Event

This year I not only attended the Brimfield Tweetup event, I had the opportunity to be a part of it.  I furnished the tent with vintage chaise lounges, couches, tables, chairs and lighting. Gretchen Aubuchon and Shane Inman of Fashion + Décor put on this amazing event and this year was definitely the best yet! It was Over The Top! Benjamin Moore was one of the sponsors along with Robert Allen and Rue La La.  Benjamin Moore launched their new Williamsburg line while we were at the event so I had the pleasure of painting with some of the fabulous new colors!  

   Brimfield Chairs

The 42 chairs we painted & covered for the Brimfield VIP tent


Before & After photos of Chaise Lounges ReUpholstered in gorgeous Robert Allen Naturals Fabric.




Image Credit: Portraits by JD

Shane Inman designed the tent and the details were amazing the including his custom-made rope chandeliers. 

The bar was adorned with 144 bottles showcasing the new Benjamin Moore Williamsburg line.

My beautiful and sweet Mom Edna was with me in Brimfield. She enjoyed the tent too! 

The Fabulous Warren Bobrow Mixologist Extraordinaire made yummy cocktails for everyone. 


WorthPoint Partnership 

While the Tweetup event was happening we also set up shop along the main drag of the Brimfield Antique market with WorthPoint.  We were setup in front of Francesco’s Italian restaurant and I think we tried everything on the menu!


If you aren’t familiar with WorthPoint then you should be!  They are an online information company that has become one of the world’s leading resources for researching and valuing art, antiques and collectibles.

I recently partnered with them because it is a tool I use just about every single day! WorthPoint bridges the gap between modern technology and the antique and vintage world. Collectors will not only find WorthPoint's data to be amazingly useful, but it will also help increase their bottom line. I am very happy to be partnering with such a technologically savvy company.  


Use Code: CARI2013 for a special discount on the Monthly Subscription

WorthPoint is also embedded in my new and improved RePurpose App! 

Download it here: Apple / Android

The local news station visited our booth for a quick tour - Click Here To Watch


You can find just about anything at the Brimfield Antiques Market. 

I found a few great items including the vintage circular tool display.  

I RePurposed it into a jewelry display.  (Photos coming in the next blog post.)


I spotted and perused some amazing Jadeite! 
This dealer always sets up in the same location and their collection is never disappointing!


Some items that didn't come home with me but they were still fun to see! 

Ladies can you imagine curling your hair with THAT crazy contraption?!  



Next Stop Rhinebeck, NY Country Living Fair & Salisbury, MA Vintage Bazaar. 

Blog Post Coming Soon!

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Sandie says...

Loved seeing your Brimfield connection!!! Loved the photo of you with your mom….had the pleasure of meeting and working with your lovely mom at our school for a place based education program….she told me about the show that was just in its beginning stages…Congratulations on all your success….and for having such a wonderful Mom!!

Posted on July 24, 2015

Lucy Dickson says...

Cari: the Brimfield Fair looks alot like our Christie Antique Show and Sale here in Dundas, Ontario Canada. It is a large event featuring 300+ antique vendors from all across North America. It is a lot of fun and is only 2 days out of the year once in May and the other is coming up soon in September – I believe it is the first Saturday after Labour Day. I see you like the green glass wares – you will find lots of this at the Christie Show, plus a whole lot more interesting stuff. The prices are always negotiable and the vendors are lots of fun. If you are ever coming to Canada, you should make a point of coming in early May or September so you can attend the Christie Show – it is well worth it!

Posted on August 08, 2014

Darlene Miller says...

Hi Cari, i had the pleasure of meeting you at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Mo this spring! Loved your information i gained. I talked to you about the old table with raccoon droppings and such and how to get the old smell out of table. It is now enjoying the sunshine with a wash of vinegar. Thank you so much! Wonderful to of gotten to talk and meet with you! Happy Hunting

Posted on July 08, 2014

sharen dombrowski says...

Love everything you do..This is my passion…Great seeing you in Rhinbeck..Have not used the paint yet..Too ‘rainy’.. Thank you. You are an inspiration to sooo many……….

Posted on June 12, 2014

Rebecca Sigelko says...

Thank u Cari for giving me the insparation at 50 to finally do what I love…..repurpose here I come.
From Gladwin, Mi….:)

Posted on January 27, 2014


Hi Cari, I was lucky to have met you at the Rhinebeck Antique Fair. You were both lovely and gracious….we chatted for a bit. I really don’t expect you to remember me…I would love to go to one of your sales. Do you ever have them in the Woodstock,Rhinebeck area…..if you are planning one please let me know. I watch your TV show when ever I get a chance….loved the wedding dress that you were given by the homeowner……you will make a beautiful bride….best of luck

Posted on October 22, 2013

Amanda says...

I have been to the Brimfield fair quite a bit. I couldn’t make it this year so I’m glad you had pitchers. I love going there it is one of my favorite places to visit. I also take the kids because its like a learning experience they see stuff they never seen before and learn about our history.

Posted on September 18, 2013

Piper says...

Love the show and finally found you online. sure would like to know when and where some of your Estate Sales are planned!

Posted on August 20, 2013

Melissa Hallock says...

Thank you for coming out east to share your treasues & stories. I was lucky to have met you in Rhinebeck, NY @ Country Living Fair & again in my home away from home, Brimfield!

Posted on August 08, 2013

Alex Costakis says...

Oh my goodness I love everything about this tent! What are the chandeliers made of?

Posted on July 30, 2013

Patty Malcolm says...

We have our very own “hairstyling contraption”, in the Plymouth Museum. You need to visit it some day!
Great pictures at the show!

Posted on July 16, 2013

Denise Beverly says...

When i was young, lo about 40 some years ago, we used to go to a local lady to get our haircuts and styles in her home. She hooked me up to one of these things, seriously she did. Terribly frightening for a little girl.

Posted on July 15, 2013

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