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RePurposed Textile Holiday Tree Project

I spent last Sunday crafting...10 glue gun burns, 8 RePurposed Textile trees & 3 wreaths later I created some fun holiday decor. 

This project is incredibly simple and fun.   

Here is what will you need

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Styrofoam trees & wreaths

Old textiles...I used a 'cutting quilt' (A quilt with damage...holes and stains), thrift store fabric & a thrift store sweater. 

Maybe you have and old sweater that you Love is too small or your relatives quilt that is just a bit too tattered. This is a GREAT way to RePurpose it! 

Buttons and beads any other adornments you would like to add: Rick-Rack, Lace, Trim, etc. 

The possibilities are practically endless...  use whatever your heart desires to decorate and Glamify your trees. 

    My FAVE glue gun...I love the fact that it is pink AND orange!


I scored the emerald green fabric at the thrift store for .99 they were running a Half Off Sale on all tan tags! Such a deal! 

The sweater was marked $ is a Liz Claiborne and I just loved the multi-colored chevron print. 

When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for my little tree project! 


Start by wrapping your styrofoam trees with the fabric.  I used the dark green fabric underneath the sweater because I wanted to green to pop through the chevron pattern. One strip of hot glue adhered the fabric onto the styrofoam tree. Trim off the extra fabric at the top.  

It doesn't matter if a little of the styrofoam is showing at the top. Just be sure you don't cut your pattern too small as you want to have enough fabric to tuck and glue at the top of the tree.

I then cut out sections of the sweater to wrap my trees.  Working with a pattern was a bit tricky. 

Start by gluing and attaching the entire piece at one end of the fabric down the length of the tree. 

Leave about 1/4inch overhang so you can tuck the other end of the fabric later and create a nice seam. 

Glue the sweater all the way around the bottom of the tree...carefully pulling the sweater around evenly and glue to the bottom.

Then work your way up the seam pulling the pattern together. Here is where it gets a little bit tricky when you are working with a pattern.  Your pattern won't line up as you work up the tree so you will need to trim the extra fabric.  Be sure not to cut off too much or you will have to stretch the sweater tighter around the tree.  Continue gluing the fabric seam using the extra fabric overhang to create a nice finished edge. 

Voila! You are ready to adorn it. I used buttons...of course...Vintage Buttons are my favorite! 

I did the same thing with the quilt trees except I didn't need the dark green fabric and the quilt is MUCH easier to work with. I tucked and glued the quilt to create a seam. Easy Peasy!

Have Fun Creating!  



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Nancy says...

This is so sweet! I love vintage textiles and notions. I see a new project on my horizon :)

Posted on December 18, 2012

Karen @ Dogs Don't Eat Pizza says...

I love these trees – will have to try it. I made a wreath out of “cutting” scarves and sweaters:
I’d love for you to check it out. Thank you!

Posted on December 16, 2012

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