Atlanta Country Living Fair!


I am back from an AMAZING weekend in Atlanta.  The weather held out for most of the weekend aside from Sunday when the winds started kicking from SuperStorm Sandy. My thoughts are with all in the affected areas of the storm. Our trucks and trailers were swaying in the 40-50mph wind gusts on our drive home.  I can only imagine what the East Coast was experiencing. 

SO many people came out for the fair and it is always a fun-filled adventure with old & new friends. We were next to oh so talented Earth Angels.  I adore all of those lovely ladies!

Before we opened…the calm before the storm of customers…



After the doors opened….


One of my favorite little Fans Autumn came to visit me for the 2nd year in a row. She is a keen little collector who was rockin’ her RePurpose Tote bag all weekend. 


In this business they always say to never fall in love with your merchandise.  Cha…as if?! I fall from time to time…sometimes I fall really hard.  I had to say farewell to a few of those favs. 


A wedding prop I picked up in Brimfield went to a new home.  The customer who bought it told me she would give it lots of love.  


Ahh the Twister chairs and the theater seats from my wedding. The twister chairs sold the last day of the fair…really minutes before the park closed to a customer who just couldn’t leave without them. 

Here are a couple of items we were shocked no one took home…



I managed to sneak away from the booth for a weebit of browsing and shopping and here is a sampling of what I saw and loved!




These artisan made Ben & Lael antler-handled utensils were amazing!  

Clever RePurposing...



Lamps & bags made from Vintage Patterns…too cute! 

I was lusting after this amazing RePurposed clock made by JunkLab design. I am still thinking about this uber cool piece.


The item that I did pull the trigger on that I’m Oh… So… Excited about is this Amazing Educational diagram of a jellyfish.  The photo doesn’t do it justice…the background is a rich turquoise and I cannot wait to find the perfect place for this piece!


Until next time…

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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Fita says...

Your post catprues the issue perfectly!

Posted on November 24, 2012

Cindy Lou says...

My twin & I were first in line and first to your booth both days of the festival. We couldn’t wait to meet you & see the lovely things you brought. We will always remember where we got our wonderful finds. My twin bought me one of your beautiful bracelets (utlensil handles) for my (our) birthday. I love it and think of Re-Purpose every time I wear it. We hope to see you again next year! We will be watching the new season in March.

Posted on November 08, 2012

Tami Taylor says...

Second year for us and we had a great time. We go to my cousins in Woodstock, Ga., then we all pile in the car. Yes the winds were bad coming home to MIchigan. Waiting for next year at Ohio and GA. Loved your session on stage Cari. Congrats on marriage, I love it 36 yrs and counting. :)

Posted on November 08, 2012

Piper Woodring says...

I was “star-srtuck” seeing you at the show! I love your show. I especially like to watch you haggle with folks because I have no skill for it! I loved your booth and my friend came home with one of your really pretty little old chairs! I hope to see you again next year!

Posted on November 08, 2012

Sandy says...

Just wanted you 2 know I really - really enjoy your show & one day hope 2 meet you. You really have a knack 2 find new life for the objects you find!!! Keep up the good work!!! Come up-north sometime we have a lot of " junk" lol lol

Posted on November 05, 2012

Jane from Virginia says...

What a great festival! I’m sorry I missed it, but it looked like a treasure hunters paradise. Thanks for the great blog!

Posted on November 03, 2012

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